Jun 8, 2015


I have decided to take a break from my blog. I have thought about it for pretty long time and I am not sure how long it will last.. but here I go. You can still follow me on Instagram - ilona_bart. I still love writting, photography and I am thankful to all my readers. I have experienced a lot thanks to my blog and I am happy for every email I got. So, till next time, enjoy the summer! 

May 22, 2015


Looks like the summer has officially arrived to Seattle. And I took an advantage of it last week. On Saturday, I went to the Discovery park. I wasn't expecting much (which is always better) and I was honestly pleased by the size and beauty of the park.

May 13, 2015

Color run is Seattle | pink&blue&yellow

I never liked running. I love to walk, it calms me down. But running? No way. And then my friend told me that she has an extra ticket to the Color run here in Seattle. Getting colored seemed like a great Sunday so I said why not. 

Apr 28, 2015

Vancouver For First Time Visitors

One of the benefits of living in Seattle is its close distance to Canada. Victoria, Whistler, Vancouver. You name it. This weekend I decided to visit a friend of mine in Vancouver. Just 3 hour ride from Seattle and here you are; new country, ready to be explored. 

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