May 23, 2014


The three-day celebration of food was held at the Royal Garden of Prague Castle. As soon as I walked into the area, I breathed the atmosphere of the gardens and festival. The ubiquitous greenery, overlooking the Prague Castle and the place of choice. Definitely could not have gone better. And what about the festival itself?

The motto of the festival became do not eat badly! After the affairs of horse meat and chemical chicken I became totally depend on what I eat and now, I prefer local farmers and specialty stores. I visited PFF on Friday and now I appreciate the beautiful weather, because during the weekend rain.

Last time I attended the festival in 2012, the article can be read HERE (including photos). Again, I made notes of restaurants that I want to try. U Emy Destinnové - buffalo steak from Nebraska. In Yasmin, Noodles I finally wanted to try their noodles.  Sakura satisfy the craving for sushi and at Chateau St.Havel - cheesecake of foie gras and apple pie with cream cheese. Since I am a lover of wine, Premier Wines with its rich offer could not be missed. Well and my favorite Ambiente (yesterday's lunch and dinner at the Savoy and Pizza Nuova speak for themselves), so newborn Our ​​meat simply had to be on my to-visit list. Great burger and perfect SALSICIA. In the queue, I noticed that a lot of people ordered the sausage. Typical Czech, what can I say.

A special attention deserves Jitrava apartman-hotel. Who would refuse some homemade buns or boar roulade. I was amazed by delicious chocolate icecream!

So that you do not eat thousand of food in one hour, it is good to see a few shows. If I had more time, I would not miss wine degustation or bartending show. Cocktails, I love you :)

Nase maso (means Our meat) concept had the biggest crowd of all!

I think that the overall level is increasing. The festival is far better than 2 years ago. 

apple cake with curd ice cream at Chateau St. Havel

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