May 2, 2014


I decided to do real Italian tiramisu. I used a help from Italian chef Emanuele Ridi.

I'm afraid that with this speed, my blog will be 90% Italian. In the recent days, I brought you: 
1. Basil pesto 
2. Italian baguette with ricotta, pecorino cheese and other delicious ingredients 
3. and one of the most popular recipes is also slightly Italian - cake with ricotta 

I visited my parents during weekend and my mom said that she felt like making a tiramisu. There was mascarpone, eggs, biscuits ... so we had a deal and I started to work.

500 g of mascarpone
5 eggs (separate yolks from whites)
5 tablespoons of granulated sugar
cup of strong black coffee
3 shots of Amaretto
300 - 400 g of biscuits (depends on how big your cake tin is)
cocoa for sprinkling

First, whisk together the egg whites. Then, in a second bowl, mix egg yolks with sugar and add one shot of amaretto. Slowly add mascarpone and finally gently stir in the egg whites.

Dip biscotti into coffee mixed with 2 shots of amaretto (about 3 seconds). The final step is very easy. Just put into the cake tin biscuits, filling, biscuits, filling.. and finally, the last layer sprinkle with cocoa filling.

Put it into the fridge for at least 2 hours.

Tiramisú is the best if you leave it overnight in the fridge. I recommend you to make really strong coffee, the biscuits will have stronger flavor. I use these long biscuits

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