Aug 22, 2014


I love modern art! Whenever I go, I visit museum of modern art there. MoMA in NY is one of the best ones. I spent there the entire afternoon and still it was not enough. But I needed to catch my plane!

MoMA is just a few steps from Fifth Avenue. I just cannot get enough of these amazing pieces, so much inspiration in one place!

Paintings from newspapers always look great. You can also DIY them at home!

You will find in the middle beautiful courtyard which is a nice change from the interior. You can sit down and watch those beautiful sculptures around.

Some scultpures are really incredible...

Black and white combination is lasting forever. This picture was my favorite.

MoMA is true paradise for all freaks into art. It is such a rich museum. Both interior and exterior are worth your attention. No matter where you go, you will not be disappointed. There will be always something that surprises you! At the end, you can find a little shop. I did not resist and bought 3 little pictures. It is better souvenir that shirt with a sign I LOVE NEW YORK! And I do!

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