Aug 21, 2014


New York has an amazing architecture. True paradise for design lovers. 

Traveling is a form of getting to know every corner in a detail. And the more you see, the better comparison. New York is very chaotic and noisy and on the contrary, San Diego is calm and relaxed. But this is New York. It delivers what is promised.

I spent the second day by browsing in Manhattan. I want to share with you especially those beautiful buildings. And unique shots. In the end, the Empire State Building and yellow cabs are New York classics. 

Tips for NYC:
  • Do what you like. Enjoy shopping? Or want to explore all attractions? Or just relax? Listen to yourself and do what you love. 
  • Save money. NY is expensive. Really, you do not need to have everything from the full experience of the Statue of Liberty or buying everything at NBA store. There are much better things to spend money for. 
  • Do.Not.Run. Even if it is hard not to catch the "NY fever" and run everywhere.
  • Visit a museum. There are great museums. Myself, I voted for the MoMA. 
  • Get a free guide. They are in every city. At least, you get to see the city by eyes of a local and you will visit not so crowded places.
  • Walk, do not use a cab. Because there is no better way how to get to know any city. If you get tired, you can always sit at Starbucks. Or, even better idea, you can sit at some small coffee shop.

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