Aug 15, 2014


If you like trees, go to Sequoia. OK, if you like national parks and you enjoy seeing all the best (the longest, the shortest, the biggest etc.) go to Sequoia. Why? Because of the General Sherman Tree, the main star.

Sequoia is the second oldest national park in America. Specifically, it can be found in California. It is connected with the Kings Canyon National Park. It is huge. And has a lot of to offer. I'm not a big fan of forests, but there are also rocks and other attractions. Climbers are also delighted. The driveway is worth it as well. At first sight, you will not see anything except one big middle of nowhere. However, when you will make it here, there will be much more to explore than just one charming General Sherman.

What Sequoia and Kings Canyon have to offer?

Moro Rock. Beautiful rocks, as you can see belowe this picture. And spectacular view. 
General Grant Tree Trail. Yes, trees are the main attraction. And they deserve it. 
Lakes. There is a lot of them. Seriously, do not miss them. 
General Sherman Tree. You can see on the photo how huge it is, in a comparison with my mini body. OK, I admit I have only 165 cm, but still!
Generals Highway. Another view point. And you can drive by car here. The view is amazing.
Kings Canyon Scenic Byway. Another nature beauty. But you will want to see it anyway, I promise. You will not get enough. 

These national parks amazed me by their uniqueness. There is so much to explore. So many different things. Everyone will find the favorite attraction. 

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