Sep 22, 2014


After the first article, I bring the second one. Brazil and Brazilians will not stop to surprise me. I am here already for 3 weeks. The public transportation is driving me crazy and it will last till my departure. I felt in love with açai and the best combination is with banana, strawberries, nuts and condensed milk. And not knowing portugese makes me feel like a total idiot. 

1. Being on time does NOT exist

This bothers me most of all (well, except for public transport). We have a meeting, terribly important, so I am there 15:00 sharp. Unfortunately, we start at 15:45. This is because the one who came the latest was the organizer. In general, organizational skills are the worst of all. 

2. Violence is a huge problem

I take back the previous point, violence is something that bothers me the most. Every day I feel like in some sort of battle game. In America, they are shooting in schools. In Brazil, they shoot on the streets. That's what I'm about to write an article, because it really is not just a word on paper. 

3. Air conditioning makes you feel like in Alaska 

It is 35 degrees outside and inside just 20. This is why I got sick and was not able to do basically anything for a week. The best is when I hear that in Europe we have minus 20 in the winter and here, air conditioning bothers me. So, I explain that it is not the temperature, but the difference of indoor and outdoor temperature. 

4. Brazilians eat rice daily

My host family does not cook much, but in general, rice is served every lunch or dinner. Fortunately, I love rice, so I do not mind. And you must eat rice with beans! 

5. Gas stations are a source of entertainment at night 

A lot of people come to the gas station (usually after party) at night, buy a beer and dance. A little weird, but because I always had at least three shots of vodka (and here one shot is worth two Czech shots), I liked it.

6. Each petrol station has a operator

Gas Station are interesting topic. For me it's an unnecessary expense of the company, but when you come to a gas station, you just tell the operator what you want and how many liters and even you pay from your seat. Comfort forever.

7. A lot of people have a maid 

I do not know if it's laziness, but a lot of households have a maid who cleans and cooks. Think whatever you want about it.

8. You hardly find a wine in a bar

And it bothers me the most after the crime, public transport disorganization. They have their own version of vodka, it is called cachaca. Probably I will buy wine as soon as possible and I will have a nice evening with myself. 

9. Smoothies are popular 

When I say that I drink only water, everyone thinks I am weird. So then I explain how my mom led us to a healthy diet without any extra sugar. Anyway, here they are doing smoothie with fresh fruit and just add water or milk. And the best is passion fruit. Love it.

10. They know about an existence of the Czech Republic

In America, I always had to explain that Czechoslovakia does not exist for quite a while. I am so happy I do not need to explain it again! 

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