Oct 11, 2014


Restaurant Atelier is a short walk from Petrin. The location is magical. And what about the experience Atelier has prepared in cooperation with Lime & Tonic?

Atelier with a tradition 

Another experience from the offer of Lime & Tonic called The Art of Dining brings you to nice area of Petrin. Restaurant Atelier is a short walk from the square Kinskych. It is divided into two parts: in the first, you will find a wine bar with a large selection of different types of wines. And the second part includes a garden - and here you have the opportunity to have your lunch. If the name Atelier reminds you of something, it is probably due to the former Atelir in Vrsovice, Prague. Although the restaurant at Petrin is only open a few weeks, you will see only an experienced staff. The chef is Ondřej Soukup.

A gourmet experience 

At the beginning me and my friend got couvert in the form of ham foam with bread and a glass of aperitif. Mainly the aperitif was tasty, the combination of white wine, syrup, cinnamon and water was unusual and interesting.

Then we had a plate of starters. It contained beef carpaccio with fennel salad and mustard dressing, marinated peppers with goat cheese and salad, then beef carpaccio with fennel salad and mustard dressing and finally, sardines and mackerel rilettes with white onion, toasted bread and lemon confit. The starter was paired with Sauvignon Blanc, year 2013, by Jaroslav Kurka of Mikulov. Especially the combination of peppers with goat cheese was flavorful and distinctive - and as a lover of seafood - I also enjoyed sardines and mackerel.

The main course consisted of grilled squid stuffed with vegetables, green crab sauce and buttered bok-choi. Squids with sauce went perfectly together and I really enjoyed it. The second option was Mangalica pork steak with fennel seeds, potatoes confits and spinach. As for wine, we had Palava from Znojma, year 2012.

As for desset, we had strawberries with meringue and coffee of our choice. Alternatively, you can choose tea.

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