Feb 3, 2015


Saturday was really fun. I went with my family to bowling and afterwards we had a dinner at one Czech pizzeria called Vyzlovka. I used to go there when I was a teenanger (a long time ago) so I wondered how they are doing. I must admit that the food is still tasty! Simply a paradise for Italian food lovers which I definitely am. 

The interior is cozy and nice. I think it is mainly because of the presence of wood. It just gives you that warm feeling. The menu is pretty varied so in the result, I am deciding for 2 hours. I chose homemade pasta with salmon, spinach and parmesan. I could not even finish it! And I cannot forget about the beginning. The Italian bread with butter was delish.

My brother had decided for a pizza with chicken, beef, broccoli, cheese and who know what else. However, he looked satisfied so I suppose it was good!

My father had a pork steak with egg and fried potatoes. The steak was really juicy and thick. My mum had a beef with mashed potatoes and the portion was quite large. And we all wanted to taste the starter which was salad with chicken livers, apples and raspberry sauce. I just cannot understand why so many people do not eat livers! They have this full taste, so rich. 

As you can see, we did have a great Saturday. Those family events are wonderful from time to time! 

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