Mar 5, 2015


It was one of those mum and daugher evenings. I am always up for great food. This time we went to one restaurant in Prague and had some shrimps, bread and chocolate souflé. Ideal combination if you ask me.

I was loving the interior, apparently it was new and felt cozy. Anyway, back to food! We shared a veggie soup with some bread. There were peppers inside and it had a different taste than most of Czech soups (or soups sold in the Czech Republic, whatever you want). 

After our little starter, we moved to shrimps. Oh man. Mine were grilled with olive oil and some delishious herbs and mum had shrimps with some sort of sauce. Nicely meant! The bread had a crunchy crust and it was soft inside. 

Since I am all about healthy food, I was grateful for some portion of salad. It went well together with shrimps. Vitamins are always perfect idea!

See the interior. Red color and natural tones are great combo. And that mirror.. oh, I can imagine to have it at home!

Last but not least - chocolate souflé with vanilla ice cream. Plus some coffee which is not documented. You gotta love that melting chocolate! Yes, this is what I call a quality time. 

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