Mar 21, 2014


Some time ago I visited London. It was such a small stop between the airport and the train to Cornwall. The plan was clear - shopping and little foodie tour.  A few years ago, I was in London twice and I managed to see all the important sights. Big Ben, London Eye and more. This time I had planned to go through Hyde Park and walk through shops and have a good lunch. And how was it?


Our hotel was just a few steps behind Hyde Park. I have a weakness for big parks in big cities. Such a relief. Just watching trees, water, birds ... pure relax. 

My first stop was Knightsbridge where is for example Harvey Nichols. Then, I went to King's Road and Sloane Street. 

Then I went to Oxford Street and had a lunch at Patty and Bun. Amazing! Great burgers and make a reservation. 

During my way from Piccadilly and Jermyn St I ran into Ben´s Cookies. I could not resist and ordered cookies with peanut butter and chocolate. And then, of course Bond Street, Regent Street and Carnaby. 

At the end of the day, I went to St.James Park. It is a few steps from the Big Ben and even if it was crowded, I found a spot.

And now, just take a look at my photos. My new in and last coffee on a train.


I really enjoyed London. It is a city full of energy and since I am more of a city girl, this is the right for me. You can either sit the whole day in a park or browse around. 

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