Mar 22, 2014


Who says that it is only raining in London? We were lucky. It was a warm nice weather. After a 6-hour train journey from London, we arrived in northwest England, where it is a little paradise on earth. Cornwall is calm, and offers plenty of opportunities for exploring.

We decided to rent a car. With an automatic transmission. After the initial shock od driving on the opposite side, the car began to switch off every 5 seconds. And there was smoke coming out of it. Well, what I tell you, we went back to the car rental. There they explained us how to actually manage it and we went on a trip to the hotel. Scary. We missed the exit, so our 45 minute journey at 10 km / h turned into a terrifying experience. I thought I'd lose my nerves. A GPS led us through a forest, plus one-way street. Fortunately, we arrived safely at the hotel. Other days? Yeah, we were courageous and planned shorter trips.

And what Cornwall has to offer? 

amazing hills and sightseeing

beautiful colors in nature

tiny little places

harbor with ships and pigeons

spectacular beaches made for surfing

English houses


a lot of galleries

Cornwall has something that will amaze everyone. It is an escape from the big city, where the time has stopped. The air is pure, and whether you decide to spend the day surfing or hiking, you will not regret it.

What not to miss near St.Ives?

St.Ives - beautiful small town with a relaxed atmosphere. If you love art, do not miss the Tate Gallery St. Ives and other smaller galleries around the city.
St Michael's Mount - you will have fun at the beginning. Due to the influx, boat will take you there. It's such a castle in the middle of the sea.
Land's End - wonderful hiking and breathtaking views.
Porthcurno Beach - a short walk from Land's End. When you're there, it would be a shame not to see this beach.
Porthminster Beach - Cornwall has beaches that are worth seeing. This is one of the top ones.
Porthgwidden Beach - really, dedicate a day to beaches!
The Harbour - sit in a cafe and enjoy the view.

We were accommodated at the Hollies. Every morning a homemade breakfast of your choice, just 5 minutes by walk to the harbour, nice view and clean and cozy rooms. 

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