Apr 7, 2014


As I wrote in a previous article, every team in Chefparade was in charge of one menu. I immediately signed myself to prepare the dessert. I am closer to it than to chicken and pork. Well, since I was involved in the entire preparation of our dessert, I photographed the whole procedure (and results) which I want to share with you. 

Cinnamon rice with banana and caramel sauce

So what do you need? 

Rice pudding: 
200 g of risotto rice (or we used basmati) 
300 ml of 31% cream 
300 ml of milk 
50 g of powdered sugar 
one cinnamon stick 
1 lemon 

Bananas with orange juice: 
2-3 bananas 
tablespoons of butter 
400 ml of orange juice 

Caramel sauce: 
about 7 tablespoons of granulated sugar 
3 tablespoons of maple syrup 
juice from cooked bananas 

fresh mint leaves 

First, rinse the rice. Then we put it in a pot, pour in the cream, milk, cinnamon and stir it constantly while cooking it for about 20 minutes. You must pay an attention because the rice can easily burn at the bottom. Because the cream has a tendency to do so :). In conclusion, sprinkle sugar and lemon juice. 

TIP: to prevent the the seeds from falling down to the pot, squeeze lemon over a hand (super trick that had attracted me!)

Slice bananas into slices and fry them on a butter. Do not mix it quickly, you do not want to mash the bananas :). After about 3-5 minutes (bananas should have gold color), pour in the juice. Let it stew for about 5 minutes. Then carefully take out the bananas and put them aside for later usage. Let juice to disappear (about another 10 minutes). Remove from the stove and let's go to the last step.

this is how bananas should look like before putting them out of the pot

caramel in the beginning ..

... caramel in a progress ...

... and beautifully smooth caramel!

Now comes the creme de la creme of preparation -  caramel. Once, I melted the spatula (ok, a little bit, but it just was not a pleasant feeling), so I suggest you to use a spoon (I understand that not everyone is blonde like me). Put into the pan the granulated sugar and stir over medium heat until it becomes a caramel (yes, it is hot). When the sugar turns into caramel, pour in slowly the juice. Just be carefull, it tends to behave wildly, but there is no danger for you. Only a very very little one. Stir for about 5 minutes and then add the maple syrup. Mix for about 5 more minutes, I recommend to take a whisk whipping movements (I cannot think of another word, I know, it sounds weird) and stir until it is thicker (max 5 minutes). Almost done!

And the funniest moment - it should look pretty!! 

You need circle cookie cutters. About 6 cm in diameter or more. Set up the dessert plates and cookie cutters - give about 2 tablespoons of rice to each cookie cutter. Use your fingers and lay on top a banana, which gently form the shape. Put away the cutter, as we decorate the top with fresh mint and drizzle with caramel at the end. Using a spoon, spray the caramel around, only the edges of the plates must be clean :)

How do you like today's recipe? Do you like banana desserts?

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