Apr 9, 2014


Today I bring you a recommendation to one of the best butchers in the Prague city center. The butcher shop is a short walk from the Old Town Square, in Kozi Street. What are the main reasons why you keep coming back?

- fresh and varied product range from trusted manufacturers 
- quality meat, sausages, French cheeses, dairy products, bread, olives, salads, homemade jams and other delicacies 
- regular events on special occasions i.e. Easter
- accessibility in the city 
- price and quality is balanced 
- helpful and nice service 
- you have to see with your own eyes :) 

the butcher shop is modern and fresh

It is part of MADE GROUP, which is a traditional company on the Czech market. The high level confirm all kinds of awards such as the Butcher shop of 2011. I discovered this shop thanks to my previous job, but I'm so used to shop here that many times I sacrifice a few minutes of my time and run for my purchase. 

The base range of products is of course meat and sausages. There is also fish. Allow me to note that perhaps you can not go wrong with anything you buy here. I traditionally buy chicken, they have excellent ham, endless selection of cheeses and homemade butter, which simply cannot compete with the one bought in Tesco. As for dairy products, there is a homemade yogurt. Although it costs about 30 CZK, it's worth it. And fresh pasta !! Amazing... 

Additional range of products is more than varied. There are vegetable chips, Italian pasta, spices, chutney, cakes, chocolate etc..

selection of homemade jams

transparent space and everything is carefully folded

homemade pies

a heaven for meat lovers - chicken, pork, veal, beef ...

even if I do not eat salami, I tried it once and definitely can recommend

pasta, spices, polenta, cous cous

one of the suppliers in Petite France

huge selection of cheeses - you find pecorino, goat cheese, gouda..

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