Apr 22, 2014


Today I bring you an article from my absolutely wonderful holiday in southern France. I lived in Nice, but thanks to the excellent location and a great network of trains, I was able to travel and  visit the surrounding cities. Monaco, St Tropez, Menton, Monte Carlo and more. Each has something to offer.

I visited France for the first time when I was 3:) But back to the vacation.

Baguettes, cheeses, croissants, tarte tatin, mussels and other delicacies symbolize France. What is it like to visit Nice in the summer? For a gourmet - a great experience!

Planning stage

It's like yesterday. Last year in June, I was sitting with a friend at Café Louvre (nice place in Prague) when we started talking about the upcoming summer. Spontaneously, we were thrilled for France and the final choice fell on Nice, where I was two years ago on a language course (the perfect vacation, I recommend). Well, since no one cannot miss the local specialties, vacation turned into a hunting for French delicacies. And what was on our path?

Foodie trip

This salad I had about three times in a row. The fresh vegetables, tuna, olives and other ingredients were so tasty. 

In the morning, it is worth it to get up early and visit the market. Honestly, where Prague farmers markets are going to (with all due respect). Markets in France have a unique atmosphere, endless choice and you should taste it all. And buy it all. Fresh fruits, vegetables full of colors, French cheeses, homemade sandwiches and other delicacies. Well, I have to hold back. 

If you have an accommodation with cooking, you should try at least once a fresh fish. Eat it with vegetable and crunchy baguette and you will be all happy.

... markets with unique atmosphere... 

If you prefer salami, prosciutto and other charcuterie, you can taste them either on the market or in a smaller shop through the walk on picturesque streets. 

France is unique for all typical cafes and bistros. The food is good and the atmosphere - you can totally feel it like never.

And no one should leave France without trying some mussels. Just eat them with crispy baguette and you'll be in heaven.

... the biggest choice of sugar .. 

... typical dessert ...

... lemons from Menton ...

Trips by train

When you get out of alleys, with a bit of luck you get to the main square of Nice, Place Massena. There you will find the main street with shops and at the end of street the train station. We made ​​a day trip to Menton, the train is there in thirty minutes. Menton is famous for planting citrus. In the specialized shop, you can find vodka with lemon, lemon marmalade, pickled lemons, lemon oil and other untypical delicacies. 

... little square ...

Of course Paris, it is the basis. For me, Nice is where I always like to come back (and not only because of baguettes and cheese - although goat cheese is my addiction).

P.S. Do not underestimate the sun! It was 35 degrees and we decided to stay for the whole day on the beach... I played cool and thought ohh, I always get easily brown, so I will use just factor 6. I am lying determined on the beach from 11 till 5. Needless to say that in the evening, I am ALL red. The next day, I cannot even sit down! No wonder I wore huge sunglasses, hat, oversized dress.. Silly me :) 

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