Apr 20, 2014


In addition to travelling, I have always welcomed a possibility to visit a variety of restaurants and cafes, and now, I like put my experience on piece of paper. Well, actually on my blog. Today's review is from Hergetova Cihelna, the place where I always like to come back.

It's finally a beautiful spring outside, my favorite season (probably because I'm a spring baby and I am always full of energy in the spring). Spring is connected with sitting on the terraces, having barbecues, picnics and other activities. Hergetova Cihelna offers an unforgettable view of the Vltava River and Charles Bridge (which today reminded me of D1 highway - how busy it was). I decided to go out on the Easter and have a nice Sunday lunch, so I took a friend who, like me, enjoys visiting new places.

Hergetova Cihelna belongs to the Kampa Group, which includes also a restaurant Kampa and Cowboys (unfortunately this place was closed recently). The interior in Cihelna is comfortable, tastefully decorated and cozy. The colors are natural shades of brown and beige. Overall, the interior is amazing, just the way I like it. Outside is a terrace with a view of the Vltava river. 

The service was until recently very helpful and professional. At this last visit, I was a little disappointed. Unfortunately, most waiters and waitresses in the Czech Republic are arrogant, cold and lazy. That's what happened to me at Café Louvre, when I told the waitress my order, but she looked out the window somewhere, so I had to repeat it. At least a little attention do not hurt! Please. 

homemade garlic bread

as a starter, we both opted for fried duck spring rolls; pickled cucumber and chili-basil sauce


The rolls were delicious. It was havier in comparison to spring rolls, but tasty at the same time. Everything was in a balance, the cucumber is fresh and chili is spicy. Satisfaction.

as a main dish, I opted for risotto Nero with grilled octopus, chili sauce and tomatoes .. my friend had Caesar salad with chicken

Good restaurants are supposedly recognized by the quality of Caesar salad. In this case, Hergetova Cihelna can continue to operate its business :). Well, risotto is one of my favorite dishes, although the amount has decreased significantly. In addition, I recommend the salmon and tuna, which is kind of signature meal for this posh restaurant.

I needed a coffee .. strong one! So I had double espresso, served with milk, hot water, cold water and sugar

Now a time for a dessert. I'm looking forward to it eve before they bring me a starter! Again, I reached for chocolate mousse with brownie, yoghurt ice cream and orange sauce. I love hot chocolate and here I get enough. A friend was attracted to a roasted pineapple with homemade vanilla ice cream and spiced caramel. You will be sooo satisfied! Guarantee!!! No sugar needed for the upcoming week. 

In conclusion, I have an incident that spiced our lunch. When it came to paying bills, I put two paper money to the book. We talked and at that moment, the wind occured, the book opened and money were flying in the air, towards the river. Well, we can only stare as they went away. After 5 seconds of silence, I could say only f*****. The waitress was amused, as I understood, it had to look like fun to a third party, but she should maintain a decorum. The waiter looked over the wall and said that he saw the money. I did not hesitate a second and ran to the river. Needless to say, I was for the first time netting something from the river. I found one paper money but I did not give up and kept looking back and forth for the second one. I also found a receipt, which I again threw away three times ... went here and there and I could not believe my eyes when I saw a second bill! I screamed with joy and ran back. Well, at least it ended with a happy event, which after years we will tell :). A little run after a lunch never hurts ... 

Otherwise Brickyard still offers wine tasting on Friday, which I definitely recommend! Besides excellent wine always gets me finger food


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