Apr 5, 2014


Today I attended the event in Chefparade, in a collaboration with Lime&Tonic. It was a charity cooking for children from orphanages in cooperation with the Tereza Maxova foundation.

the kitchen seemed too small - 4 teams were working like crazy
Lime&Tonic and cooking school Chefparade prepared for the second time charity cooking with children in partnership with the Tereza Maxova foundation. Children from five orphanages in central Bohemia participated together with members of Lime&Tonic. I was invited to this event and I was pleasantly surprised. We all enjoyed it. So far I've only participated in events such as Prague Food Festival and Foodparade, so I had a chance to see more gastro events from a different point of view. 

We were divided into four teams and the main task was to create a three-course menu, under the leadership of Michael Netolický from the Marriott, Radek Jakubec from the Chefparade, Robert Loose from the Augustine and Pavel Vacek from the Palace Hotel. This is what we were preparing:


  • Marinated and roasted pork with apple-ginger chutney and watercress 
  • Chicken with potato-leek cake and basil-shallot sauce 
  • Cinnamon rice with banana and maple syrup


  • Quessadilla with chorizo ​​and apple salsa 
  • Grilled chicken with satay sauce 
  • Fried banana in coconut 

The Augustine: 

  • Lightly smoked Prague ham with apple-celery salad 
  • Chicken breast marinated in yogurt with stir-fry vegetables 
  • Banana soufflé with passionflower

Palace Hotel: 

  • Caramelised Granny Smith apples with ricotta, garlic and chives 
  • Chicken drumsticks stuffed with soft stuffing, potato and cauliflower puree
  • Banana fried in almond dough with homemade caramel sauce and lemon sour cream

After we all met in the morning, we were welcomed by director of Lime & Tonic for CZ, Blake Wittman. We learned that each team will compete and in the end the best starter, main course and dessert will win a prize. Shortly after they split us up into teams and each course contributed a total of 4 pairs of hands. I decided not to experiment and I rushed to prepare dessert, after all I enjoy the most baking. We have gotten clear instructions and started.

first course: caramelized Granny Smith apples with ricotta, garlic and parsley (almost the winner!)

the best starter: marinated roasted pork with apple-ginger chutney and watercress 

the main dish: grilled chicken with satay sauce

second main dish: chicken drumsticks stuffed with soft stuffing, potato and cauliflower puree

the main dish and winner for me: chicken breast marinated in yogurt with stir-fry vegetables 

Each of us immediately started to work on the assigned task. I should note that I was immediately amazed by the involvement of children. We were one team from the start and perfectly matched together. Everyone enjoyed it. I really appreciate the preparation, it is hard to handle so many people.

main dish that was almost the best: chicken with potato-leek cake and basil-shallot sauce 

The atmosphere was friendly and the time was running pretty fast. I learned a few tricks and texchniques. Such as the preparation of caramel. No one was hurt, so all good!

and fried banana in a coconut with vanilla ice cream

Besides learning some tricks, I must say that it was great team work and everyone was nice. Childen were easy to work with. 

As a conclusion, I want to sum up a few inspiration techniques:
 - potatoe puree - you can add broccoli, nice refreshment! 
 - mashed potatoes - cook potatoes, fry the red onion and add potatoes for the last few seconds
 - everything was sooo easy so I will try it at home for sure!

I will bring you one banana dessert in the upcoming article :) 

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