Jun 3, 2014


Thanks to Lime&Tonic I had a chance to visit restaurant Dock House. I tried their Steak Sensation. It was delicious. 

We started with a glass of Prosecco. Then we tried their homemade lemonades. Me and my friend went for mint lemonade. However, you can find many different flavors, from cucumber to ginger. It was so tasty! 

It is clear from the menu they their signature dish are steaks. And they do it right. You find burgers, steaks, risotto and so on. Plus there is a daily menu every day. Our experience was all about steaks and I must say - delicious.

The service is professional and helpful. They are happy to explain you everything. And this is the reason why I would like to come back. I am always satisfied to see this level of service in Prague since the average is still very disappointing.

Our first course was sirloin steak Charolais with grilled veggies. Homemade fries were served in unlimited amount. Kind of dangerous because I simply could not get enough! Anyway, steak tasted great and we could not complain. Each steak had 200 grams.

As a second course, we had hanger steak from the North America, served with mushroom sauce. And again, fries. This steak was the best. Crispy on the top and smooth inside. And the sauce was wonderful combination. Plus we had Coleslaw salad which always makes me happy.

Our last steak was rib eye from Uruguay. The sauce tasted like soya and it went well with the steak. And green beans with fries were great side dish.

Since Dock House is just 5 minutes from my home, I will definitelly try one of their daily menus. If you are a fan of steaks, try it. Lime&Tonic and Dock House made a great job here.

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