Jun 30, 2014


Barbecue is one of the things that makes me look forward to summer. Our whole family is ig fan of barbecue, especially my dad who does all the job. Well, trouts and fishes in general are very popular in the Czech Republic. This time my parents brought trouts from the Sumava, which is basically the best country side  here.

The indisputable advantage of barbecue is its simplicity and healthy preparation without any extra fat. I will share with you a story, I just cannot resist. Barbecue may in fact turn into a nightmare. I was at a barbecue with friends and the host used a portable grill. He threw there together coal and wood. It took an eternity before we could grill something and when he finally put the meat on the grill, the fire flared up and the meat was on fire. He was like come on, give me something! Now. A friend could not think of nothing better than to take beer and pour it there. After the meal, I learned that before the dog came to the coal ...  But back to the trout, this time according to hygienic standards and without unnecessary hysteria around.

Trout  is the best with very few spices and serving should be with salad, bread and in our case dill dressing. Thyme was fresh from the garden. 

You will need: 
any number of trouts
for each trout two thyme sprigs and 2 lemon pieces
pinch of salt
little of oil on the top

First, wash the trouts and let them drain and then dry it with a towel. Then fill the insides of trout with lemon and thyme. On the top, spread salt and rub with oil. Thyme may be dry. Then grill them, 8 minutes on each side.

If you enjoy preparing trouts, here is another recipe which you might like also. 


For four servings, you need:
4 trouts
olive oil 
black pepper 
4 sprigs of basil 
2 tomatoes 
2 lemons 

Take already prepared and clean trouts. Spread it with oil mixed with salt and pepper. Cut lemons and tomatoes into slices. Fill in the trouts with the prepared mixture and grill 7-10 minutes on each side.

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