Jun 26, 2014


This time I made an Elderberry syrup which is my favorite and I am kind of addicted to it. I used to drink the one from the store but let's face it - nothing beats homemade!

BBQ season is here and elderberry lemonade is perfect with grilled fish, meat, cheese, pineapple and other delicacies.

You will need: 
about 50 elderberry blossoms
3 kg of sugar
80 g of citric acid
4 lemons

The flowers of elderberry wash with water and let them dry on the air. About 3 liters of water (preferably boiled) mix in a pan together with citric acid and let it cool. Meanwhile, wash the lemons and cut into slices. Together with elderberry flowers pour the water with citric acid and cover it with towel let it rest for one day. The next day, pour the mixture into the pan and stir in 3 kg of sugar. Cook over low heat until the sugar disappears. Finally put hot liquids into prepared jars. All done!

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