Jul 21, 2014


Crystal Bar & Restaurant and Lime & Tonic came up with crystal menu. What lies beneath the sparkling title?

First of all, Prague is not New York where opening a new restaurant or club happens on a daily basis (yes, I have faithfully watched Sex and the City). On the other side, Prague has been attracting new concepts for a while. Thanks to Lime & Tonic, I discovered Crystal Bar & Restaurant which is located closedto the Old Town Square. I must admit that I appreciate this discovery.

Right at the entrance you will attracted by the gloriously decorated interior. Deep pink color, elements of pop art and simple design. The room is spacious and bright and has a fresh sense of optimism. After a few steps, you can see that the staff that is friendly and for the whole time I could not complain. They are willing and happy to explain anything, which is especially nice on your first visit.

At the beginning we could choose a cocktail from the drink menu. The choice probably does not matter because drinks are quite strong and the amount of alcohol and fruit is really sufficient. We chose Fruit Crash, which is a combination of raspberry, strawberry, vanilla, vodka and ginger lemonade and Bramble, which contains gin, lime, sugar and blackberries.

Then we got homemade fresh mini rolls which were so delicious. Afterwards, we got a special treat - tomato frappuccino. It was cold, full of tomatoes and felt great on a hot day. I like to try unusual dishes and new and innovative ideas are always appreciated.

After the introduction, we started with the first dish. Crystal creations have the advantage that the menu is not strictly given, but you can play a little with selection for starter and main course. Dessert is given, and because of that you will be able to understand understand why the name Crystal creations. 

As a first course, I opted for a chicken consommé with root vegetables and roasted mushrooms. Alternatively, you can choose a slowly poached egg with cauliflower puree and truffle vinaigrette. I did not regret mychoice, consommé had a good taste and if you like the classic chicken soup, this one does not disappoint you. 

The choice of main course was difficult. I finally opted for the smoked duck breast with biragade sauce, kohlrabi cabbage and potato dumplings. However, the sea wolf with saffron risotto and fennel salad sounded so tempting. I enjoy trying seafood especially abroad, such as mussels in France, but the duck was something I simply could not resist. In the end, it was my favorite dish from the whole menu.

Chocolate mille-feuille with sauce from forest fruits and popping crystals finished this lunch. I remember that as a child I was enjoying everything popping, I guess it was a lollipop. Dessert was really something for fans of raspberries and chocolate. Popping crystals were just cherry on top. Special attention deserves also  food styling.

Crystal Bar & Restaurant and Lime & Tonic developed a truly unique menu. In the pleasant atmosphere of the restaurant you can talk and thanks to sufficient gaps between the seats you have your privacy. Perhaps I will go there for a drink in the evening sometimes.

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