Jul 30, 2014


K.U. bar is one of the best Prague clubs. Great location and accessibility, excellent service, excellent food (which is a very nice bonus in the club) and especially nice environment. "Certificate of Excellence" from TripAdvisor speaks for itself. I enjoyed this bubbly education. 

K.U. bar was founded 12 years ago by well-known Richard Hradek, who currently owns Café Café. Why this name? Because of cigarette brand KENT.

Tasting was conducted by barman Roman Kotas who provided us an information not only about the history of champagne, but also how to open a bottle in a safe way; remove the wire muzzle first, then hold the base of the bottle with one hand, grasp the cork with your other hand and twist the bottle. If the bottle is well chilled, ideally 12 to 16 degrees, it should go smoothly. Finally, it is recommended to pour champagne on the wall of champagne bottle so that you get the maximum bubbles. We got other information as well. For instance, we learned how to divide champagne by the amount of sugar and which region holds the champagne certificate. This title is reserved for Champagne region, located in the northern France and is the proud holder of the champagne certificate, meaning that no one else can use this name. 

Thank to Lime & Tonic, you have the chance to also try the master class of "how to mix cocktails". I missed this experience, but a bubbly education immediately caught my eye. This event offers in total six kinds of champagne, cava and sparkling wines, which are described and served by a specialist. And what exactly can you expect? 1 dl each of the following brands: Veuve Clicquot Brut, Moët & Chandon Rose Imperial, Lauren-Perrier Brut, Deutz Brut Classic, Grimau Brut Cava. And as a bonus, you get a champagne cocktail mixed of champagne and brandy. Sounds familiar? It is known from the movie Casablanca.

Champagne was excellent, even brut with 3 g of sugar was pleasantly refreshing, although I prefer sweet wines and late harvest ideally. I was surprised by the history of Veuve Clicquot Ponsardin. At the age of 27, Madame Clicquot widowed and  inherited her husband 's business. She perfected her husband's brand, when she came up with a brilliant idea how to remove a sediment in the bottle in year 1816. This method is so-called "Table de remuage" and gave her the reputation of "Grand Dame of Champagne".

My favorite champagne was Moët & Chandon Rose Imperial, with 15 g of sugar. Pink Champagne is created by blending red and wine. It is generally very debatable topic, but it's true. Only the Champagne region can do it this way. And the best champagne wines are from 1996 and 2002.

The barman spent with us an hour and a half and was very happy to answer all questions we had. You will definitely be overloaded with the information at the end. People usually know all about wines, but it does not hurt to know something about champagne as well. We (with my friend) were both pleasantly surprised by cocktail Casablanca. The experience is in the end much better when you can have a drink that relates to something and it is not simply just another classic cocktail from the menu.

One last information at the end. Thin sheet of lead, which is in the photo above, can earn you a fortune, if you can find a defect. Perhaps in the case of Moët will be missing the letter t.

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