Jul 7, 2014


Prosekárna is a combination of several loved things for me. Those things are Vinohrady, Italy and Prosecco, of course. The place is located a few steps from the Namesti Miru. In addition to the interior design which is totally splendid, one more detail will catch your attention. In a case you forgot that you came for Prosecco, you will see immediately at the entrance bottles on the shelves. Super nice addition is definitely kind service from which the love for Prosecco and everything sparkling is visible miles ahead and last but not last, the consumption itself.

Italian cheeses, sausages and grissini sticks

I bought an experience called The Pleasures of Prosecco from Lime & Tonic. Prosekarna is the only wine bar in Prague which specializes in Italian semi-sparkling and sparkling wines, and (especially) the Prosecco. There was prepared for us Prosecco tasting of four kinds of recommendationded wines and we let the waitress to choose the best ones for since since she knows everything about prosecco (as we were convinced afterwards). Prosecco is served in combination with Italian delicacies such as typical grissini sticks, sausages and cheeses.

interior is designed in Italian style - elegant and modern

The waitress chose four different types of Prosecco, each for 1dcl. She told us the background of every Prosecco and it was quite extensive and everything happened in very friendly manner so that even those who do not know anything about Prosecco will not get lost. That makes you feel comfortable and immediately you start to share the love for Italy and you will share the Italian dolce vita. Personally, I love everything connected with Italy - food, cities, culture, fashion and of course men!

You can choose from up to 100 kinds of sparkling and semi-sparkling wines from northern Italy. There is no problem to find Prosecco that will suit you. The problem will be to decide which one. Each Prosecco is different and it is worth it to try even the one you would try normally. 

If you have a thing for Italian cheese, you will be quite satisfied. But in addition to these Italian specialties I have to highlight the interior. For the perfect experience, I need excellent food and drink, friendly service and stylish interior is the cherry on top. Wood, books about design, vases, chairs and other accessories make the unique atmosphere. You can even buy some pieces to home. 

Last but not least, I was amazed by the story of the owner who quit her job at multinational company and started her own business, Prosekarna. She successfully passed the tests of Italian language, then felt in love with Prosecco and finally met the man of life. She did not wait long to change her life and she followed her passion. And exactly these people I support. Everyone has to go for their dreams and the dreams will eventually come true. Often you just need to find a way to do it and the courage. And some bubble drink might help you to achieve it. 

You should definitelly visit Prosekarna, it is really a nice escape from Prague life to lovely Italy.

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