Aug 25, 2014


Chinatown in NY has the highest concentration of Chinese people in the whole area. Who would say that. It is chaotic place, wild, surprisingly full of Asian people and you get a chance to see totally different side of New York.


Visit a market

You find mainly Chinese food which is good to try. Expect markets to be crowded but this is just the authentic atmosphere of this quarter.

Eat in a restaurant or kiosk

Why not to try some Chinese dish. Some of them are worth tasting. You will get enough burgers and donuts in Manhattan.

Spend there Chinese New Year

It is happening in February. As they say, there is always an occasion worth a celebration. Especially when you find yourself in New York.

Browse around the streets

And just enjoy. However, you should be patient because it is really crowded, somewhere very dirty and not the best smell. And keep an eye on your things. Chinatown is really one of the busiest places in NY.

I guess that is all. If you have enough time in New York, go there. If not, do not waste your time. There are much better places to see, for example the Little Italy nearby. But if you are around, pay Chinatown at least short visit.

I enjoyed the architecture in Chinatown. It is not really pure designer place but this is how China looks like. It will never been super super clean and polished. It was just a different side of New York and such a nice change from modern and stylish Manhattan.

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