Aug 9, 2014


La Bodeguita Del Medio is Cuban place in the very center of Prague. Come with me to see what is hiding inside. 

Cuban Dinner Party is one of the experiences of Lime & Tonic. If you want to try something unusual and you love when the staff treats you nicely, you will not be disappointed. Lime & Tonic menu is varied and everyone can find the right experience. La Bodeguita has a tradition and offers a great atmosphere. I went with a friend to try the tasting menu of four courses, including a welcome drink in the form of a Cuban Mojito.

The interior

The interior is relatively large plus you can find different parts, depending on your mood (noisy, calm, VIP etc). It is divided into smoking and non-smoking section. Yet it is not easy to get to the bar. There is a lively and bohemian atmosphere. In short, La Bodeguita has the temperament and it is spicy. It all supports a live band which is performing every Tuesday and there are also salsa lessons, for members of Lime & Tonic for free. We arrived on Monday, but Fridays and Saturdays are very busy and getting inside can be a real challenge. Overall, the Bodeguita is more for stronger natures, the more fragile people tmight find the place quite noisy. If you prefer just to relax, there is the possibility of private room on the top floor. La Bodeguita takes a certain amount of courage. And you can do nothing wrong with a reservation!

Friendly staff 

The staff is nice, pleasant and they do everything to fulfill your wishes. On request, they kindly advise or possibly explain what lies beneath the mysterious name. And they want to make sure you were happy. Unfortunately, such level of service is still missing in many Czech restaurants. I appreciated that me and my friend were seated on the terrace, as we asked.

Delicious mojito 

Mojito from La Bodeguita is quite famous and I have to admit that it is really one of the best in Prague. In addition to mojitos, you can taste a lot of other cocktails, you'll find here over 150 cocktails. Me and my friend both opted for first menu with shrimps and salmon. I'm just a little upset that you cannot combine between menu 1 and 2.

Menu full of Cuban specialties 

The menu offers you several Cuban specialties. Cuba itself is friendly, relaxed and slightly rough country. This description fits quite well to La Bodeguita. How about that real Cuban cigar and rum? Or tequila? You will find here plenty Cuban experiences. And the prices are affordable, nothing exaggerated.

We started with "Cayo Largo" prawns, which are tiger prawns with slightly spicy vegetables and white wine. Menu 2 offered tuna tartar with lime mousse with chilli and croutons. I adore prawns and they were divine. If you are passionate about spicy food, you will not regret it.

Spicy bean soup with sour cream was the second choice. I have a weakness for bean soup and this one had a distinct and full flavor. The sour cream softened the spicy element. Beans are widely used in Cuban cuisine and bean soup is typical specialty. The second option was beef broth with noodles, meat and vegetables.

The third course was an absolute winner of the menu. Salmon baked in a banana leaf with congri and fried yucca was spectacular and sweet potatoes were a nice surprise. Menu 2 offered Picadillo with congri and fried manioca chips. Picadillo is grounded beef with tomatoes and other ingredients, depending on the area. It is a traditional dish in South America.

A time for a sweet finish. In this case, I regret that it is not possible to combine the various menus. Homemade chocolate cake with vanilla cream and fresh strawberries would be the right thing for me. Anyway, fried manioca covered with Brazil nuts and dulce de leche sauce was not so bad. after all! Manioca is grown mainly in tropical areas, where the consumption is at the second place in total, just behind potatoes. It is the root with a taste similar to sweet potatoes. And like potatoes, it contains a lot of starch. In a combination with the dulche de leche, which is sweet and I love caramel, it was balanced taste.

I have a weakness for South America, so I was in a vibrant and lively Bodeguita in heaven. Menus are well put together, everyone will find their favorite dish. If you also like South America, you will get plenty of posts here since the beginning of August. I am going to Brazil :)

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