Aug 19, 2014


After a few touristic attractions I want to present you St.Helen, located in Oregon.

St.Helen Mountain is located just 30 km from Portland. It is a paradise for nature lovers. And it is not so crowded, in a comparison to the Grand Canyon. There is the Columbia River and borders with Washington. The closer you are getting to boarders, the wilder nature. Once, I went to Octoberfest and the journey to Washington was in the middle of nowhere. Which is nice after many weeks spent in the city. 

What you shoudl not miss in Portland, instead of the St.Helen?

  • The Coast- despite of the cold water, you should see it - amazing
  • Mount Hood - the stratovolcano is accordingly the highest mountain in Oregon
  • Lan Su Chinese Garden - not only for lovers of Asia
  • International Rose Test Garden - if you like roses, do not miss this garden
  • Tillamook Cheese Factory - delicious cheeses and ice-cream

I spent one year in Oregon and I must admit that I felt in love. Portland offers numerous opportunities and if you like to travel, you will not get bored. For example, Eugene is worth visiting. I used to dance there so I was lucky to visit a lot of places.

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