Aug 20, 2014


I visited New York twice. I felt in love during my second visit. Big cities are my favorite spots. NY has huge Central Park and if you want to escape to the country side, it is also possible. And one week is not enough!

Wall Street

It is very hard to describe why I felt in love with NY. Maybe it is because the city is highly cosmopolitan, pulsing, there is always something new every day and you meet all kinds of people. Anyway, America makes me feel really comfortable and allows me to be just myself. I cannot say that it is easy for me to imagine living in NY. It is tempting idea - no doubt about that! Maybe for half a year or 2 years it can be nice change. But everything else shows time.

For the first sight, I was impressed by the Empire State Building, Brooklyn Bridge, different parts of the city such as chinese or italian, library, Flatiron building, Trump Tower or prestigious NYU.

I have not mentioned the Times Square and the Statue of Liberty on purpose. Usually, I like to avoid these typical touristic places. One second is mostly enough. I prefer to live the day as a local. 

Empire State Building

Century 21 - fashion outlet


Washington Square Park

Flatiron Building

Just enjoy...

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