Aug 4, 2014


Since I have an iPhone, I feel like master of the world even in the middle of nowhere. Google tells me where I am and how can I get to my final destination. However, there are sooooo many amazing apps and websites which will be extremely useful no matter where you will be on this planet. 

1. Elance

True life survival for all travellers. Just choose to be a freelances and you can work on something from the beach in Carribean! You can either respond to job offers or post your CV and show what you can do. 

2. Numbeo

It is good to know how costly your trip will be. Thanks to this site you can actually discover that for example three-course meal for 2 in mid-range restaurant costs 30 Euro in Singapore and 55 Euro in Melbourne. Or perhaps that Montreal is 17 % cheaper than Washington, DC. Interesting, huh? 

What an innovative idea! You type in point A and point B and Rome2Rio actually calculated which way is the best for you. I.e. from Prague to Tokya, there are 80 619 ways how to get there by train. And after all, we all know that all roads lead to Rome ..

4. MeetUp

Are you in Barcelona and feeling like to go out with locals and travellers? Well, check out MeetUp and you will find numerous events where to go! And who said that solo travel is lonely? 

Do you have an urge to treat yourself a little? LastMinute will offer you 5* hotels for the price of 3*. Is anything better? 

The next time I will bring you 5 basic sites which you find totally useful. Or you might find out that you actually know all of them. And because my phone is full of apps, I will share those with you as well. 

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