Sep 6, 2014


I am a week in Brazil, yet I spent one day in Rio, where I slept the whole day in the room, and a few days in Aracaju. It is a city in the north of Brazil, has 700,000 inhabitants and it is a little town compared to distances and sizes in Brazil. Aracaju sea is composed of 5 rivers and there is only the sand which comes from rivers. Therefore, the water is not turquoise and the sand is yellow. However, it has no effect on the quality of water, you will not find even a piece of waste. 

Walking alone on the beach is not really safe, so today I went there with a few people. There was a lot of wind, but a walk on the beach and a few minutes on a sun is something you can not refuse.


Surfing in Brazil is definitely something I want to try. There are different options and it's a shame not to try anything. I have connected surfing with Australia, it is my dream destination, but Brazil is also full of enthusiasts. The waves are quite good and beaches are endless. Atalaia is the main attraction of Aracaju so make sure not to miss it. Very typical postcard place.

Horses are everywhere. Brazilians use them as a transportation tool. Also on the road. 

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