Dec 19, 2014


Wasp nest cookies are total new comer in our family. I did them last year for the first time and everyone was totally blown away. So this year I must do it :) Previous years, I enjoyed rum balls but these are much better especially because of the delish creme. 

240 g biscuits - Czech piskoty (put 30-36 aside to wasp nests)
70 g of butter
150 g powdered sugar
3 tablespoons rum
spoon of vanilla sugar
30 g cocoa
60 g grounded nuts

100 g of butter
100 g powdered sugar
2 egg yolks
pinch of vanilla pod
3 tablespoons of rum

+ Caster sugar on wasp nests molds

Grind the biscuits. Then mix them with the remaining ingredients. Prepare a smooth dough and put at least for 2 hours to the fridge.

Meanwhile, prepare the cream. Leave the butter at the room temperature for a while. Mix it with sugar, egg yolks, vanilla and rum. Put the cream in the fridge, let the cream to stiffen.

Regarding the molds, I recommend opening molds, as it saves you nerves and hands when you make wast nests. Well, then just fill the mold with dough, cream, close it with a biscuit and repeat over  and over again :)

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