Jan 29, 2015


My family loves wine. So do I. However, everything in a moderation! Since it is becoming harder and harder to come up with good gifts for Christmas, I have decided to give my family an experience. So I chose a wine degustation at Vinograf which is new and trendy wine restaurant in Prague. I was wondering how it will look like because they have promised a long description about each wine. And were my expectations fulfilled? 

I got the experience at Lime&Tonic. You can choose 4 different wines, each has 0,5 dcl. Then you get a selection of cheeses and dips or jams which match the selected wines. Usually Vinograf has up to 30 wines every day. It differs. There are white wines, red, pink but also champagne. Our waiter was Karel and he did demonstrate the passion for wine which we admired.

Vinograf has such an amazing interior. Since it was Friday, all tables were reserved. The degustation was almost perfect. Karel told us A LOT about each wine and also about cheeses. The only mistake was the waiting in the beginning, almost an hour! And he forgot to bring us a quiche qhich we ordered. 

And what I liked?

really great quality of wines
the waiter loves his job and it makes your evening enjoyable
cheeses perfectly matched the selected wines!
we learned a lot info about wines

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