Feb 22, 2015


No, I will not show you Copacabana or Ipanema. I have something a way better than that. The beach is pretty secret so you will meet there mainly Brazilians who know about the beach. On the other side, turists have no clue. The answer is Praia da Joatinga. 

This beach is about 30 minutes by bus from Copacabana. Not sure which number though. Since I went there with my Brazilian friends from the hostel who have been my guides. We saw some pretty amazing view points from the bus. When we arrived, we entered some sort of residence so I was like where the heck are we going?! No worries. The first sight of the beach left me speechless!

There are lots of flowers, palm trees and rocks. This all gives you an impression of totally hidden and forbidden place. Pure paradise. The beach is so tiny! However, the more cozy and beautiful it is. Usually, beaches that often made the list best beaches in the world are crowded and you barely can spend there the entire day. Not here! Wanna.go.back. Now!

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