Mar 11, 2015


I spent a lovely weekend in Cesky Krumlov with my family. In case you have not heard of this little city, fix it NOW! Cesky Krumlov is often listed among the most charming cities in Europe. And it is truly deserved. A splendid view, tiny streets and tasty Czech food.

We arrived around noon to our hotel. After some rest and unpacking, we decided to hit the city. It was my first time in Cesky Krumlov so I was quite excited to see what everyone is talking about. And I gotta tell you - it is true! These orange roofs, castle, tower, tiny streets.. and river around it. Such a fairy tale.

We started at Horni street and continued to the St.Vitus Church. The weather was beautiful and I saw some tourists but still the streets were not crowded. 

Then we arrived at namesti Svornosti (Svornosti square). Very small square, nothing too impressive. However, I appreciated the architecture of houses, I think it is some sort of Czech sign. 

Then the road takes you to Radnicni street and you cross the bridge. The view is nice because you are standing on the Vltava river and the castle is just in front of you.

Yep, we were hungry. The owner at our hotel told us to visit Svejk restaurant. It is located just in the beginning of Zamecke schody street which leads to the castle. The interior is comfortable and the presence of wood makes it so cozy. I would say that it is one of these typical Czech restaurants. Anyway, the food is awesome! And Czech.

We wanted to taste local Kulajda soup which is a traditional Czech soup. Man, my grandma made the best Kulajda ever! This one had a lot of mushrooms in it as well as potatoes. It is creamy and I suggest you to try it. Then my mum and granma had a duck. 

My dad opted for pork with horseradish that was pretty strong and dumplings (these are called karlovarske). And I with my grand-father could not resist beef cheeks with mashed potatoes, red pepper and roasted carrot. It was perfect! Cheeks were incredibly soft and just felt apart.. hashtag foodorgasm! In its best form.

Then it was time to get some excercise after our lunch. So we head out to the castle. These stairs were a piece of cake after the lunch! But you know.. you gotta move your ass.

And here it is. The view from the tower. You pay only 30 CZK which is around 1 EURO and you get to see THIS.
I have tons of other photos to show you from the weekend so stay tuned!

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