Mar 14, 2015


Hello there! It has been a few days since my first post about tiny little town called Cesky Krumlov. There is one more post coming up. Anyway, today I will share with you the major parts of the city. The tower, the castle, those precious streets and more food. Because there is never enough food! :)

After getting to the main square, the street leads you to Zamecke schody (stairs to the castle) which goes directly to the tower and the castle. The entrance to the tower is so cheap, only 30 CZK which is about 1 dollar and a few cents. 

After walking the stairs (and there is not enough space!), you reach the goal. I mean, the view is amazing. You see the entire Cesky Krumlov from the top. And the real beauty of the city is revealed. Vltava river is surrounding the small city and behind you see hills, forests.. Czech nature.

This is the castle. Unfortunately, it was closed when we visited it. It opens in the beginning of April. And there is also a flower garden. The main attraction is the summer is open theatre. They play ballet, opera and many other genres. Usually the performances are traditional, like Carmen opera. Make sure to buy tickets in advance! Better safe than sorry.

This is called Certovka. It is also seen at the Charles bridge in Prague. 

After an evening stroll in the streets we decided to hit another restaurant in Cesky Krumlov. It is called DEPO. The space is like one huge hall. And again, you find Czech food. They basically serve only Czech food in Cesky Krumlov. So have a look at what we ate!

a grilled trout with grilled veggie..

pork meat with potatoe dumplings and spinach.. very Czech style..

I wanted something lighter so I opted for a salad with grilled chicken..

my father had a beer..and believe me, Czechs know how to do it!

and pardon me.. but after that salad I totally nailed it with this pancake called trhanec (means ripper apart or so).. simply put, it is a pancake with hot apple, cinnamon and sugar.. this one was not that great because it was a little bit dry.. and I love cream!

And the sun was shining the entire weekend. I am proud that I come from Prague but a weekend in Cesky Krumlov is pretty nice escape. There is no rush, life just goes up. Enjoy little moments with your closest family. The time is only worth it.

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