May 13, 2015

Color run is Seattle | pink&blue&yellow

I never liked running. I love to walk, it calms me down. But running? No way. And then my friend told me that she has an extra ticket to the Color run here in Seattle. Getting colored seemed like a great Sunday so I said why not. 

First of all, waking up at 5:30 on SUNDAY is nuts. Somehow I managed to get into my car and go to downtown. I met with my Czech friends and we went to pick up the package. So many goodies. Hats, colorful socks, headbands, ballerina skirts.. a heaven. It definitely cheered me up and we were ready to get to the start line. 

After living a few weeks in Seattle, men wearing skirts was no surprise. 

This was actually my first time trying golden tattoos. Yes, getting a wrist tattoo is my long-term wish. Maybe someday I will have enough courage but for now.. this was perfect. 

The lady of Seattle - the Space Needle. Going up there is still on my to do list tho! Anyway, the race began. Or shall I say nice morning walk because almost no one was running. I didn't want to ruin my brand new Nike so I was wearing Toms. And no, you can't run in those! 


And here we are. Yellow, blue, pink, orange & silver. And we got medals! However, the best was yet to come. A well-deserved after party! 

There were people in their twenties, children, mums, dads, families, all kinds of people. Colorful mix. We enjoyed the after party sooo much! Seriously can't wait for the summer. 

The powder was everywhere. Literally. You can see the blurry picture. It was relaxing and enjoyable event. Oh, and the speaker was quite hot. Although he's not pictured. The Color Run is happening all around the world so you better check it out. Also Prague has one! It was funny to spend the rest of the day in Seattle, attracting all the attention. Even tho in the end of the day, most of the colors went away so we looked like we haven't taken a shower in really long time. We went to Pike Place Market, had a fish soup in bread in chilled out in the park. Well-spent Sunday! 

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