Apr 28, 2015

Vancouver For First Time Visitors

One of the benefits of living in Seattle is its close distance to Canada. Victoria, Whistler, Vancouver. You name it. This weekend I decided to visit a friend of mine in Vancouver. Just 3 hour ride from Seattle and here you are; new country, ready to be explored. 

I decided to leave on Friday evening so that I will already wake up in Vancouver and spend the entire Saturday there. It was great to see my friend after one year, he is there on working holiday visa and all of the sudden, we are meeting in Vancouver. Just another weekend! 

The first place to be explored was the Coal Harbour. This is where you have the picture perfect view on Vancouver. Nature, forests, ships, modern buildings,... I couldn't help to compare Vancouver to Seattle. First, Vancouver seemed a bit too perfect. Too clean, everything looks amazing and basically everyone is running. You can see that Seattle is more like a free spirit city. 

I was walking on the promenade all the way to the Stanley park. And yes, everyone was running there. They say that Canadians are the most friendly people. I haven't been there too long to judge but they do seem pretty helpful and welcoming. 

Afterwards, I went to Yaletown. Well, I would love to live here! Vancouver has such a beautiful architecture and thanks to regulations where each building must meet a lot of parameters, it is a blast. Yaletown is more like a residential area, there aren't many shops but it is great. There is the English Bay nearby which must be wonderful during the summer. 

Later that day I met my friends from Seattle and we went to a pub. And lucky us, there was a hockey match. Vancouver and Calgary. Oh man, it was just the best to see Canadians watching hockey! Czechs love hockey but I have never seen them to support their team like this. True passion. 

And just a few steps from Yaletown, you have different area. Gastown. Hipsters, cool cafes, nique shops. Yes, this reminds me of Seattle a lot. 

You can find Steam clock in Gastown which is basically the main attraction for tourists. Other than that, I just enjoyed walking there. No rush. It was already Sunday so I wanted to keep it chilled out till I come back to Seattle. 

Look at these buildings. Although Yaletown is beautiful and polished, I felt in love with Gastown. The streets just have a spirit. Or soul. Whatever you want to call it. 

It definitely wasn't my last time in Vancouver. Next time, I want to explore it a bit more, maybe to do some hikes since British Columbia is known for that. 

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