Nov 24, 2013


Bakeshop is located in the center of Prague near the Old Town Square in the Kozi Street. The shop is in the shape of V. It's more of a cafe than a restaurant, but it is also close to the bakery. 

I am an enthusiast of breads, croissants, cakes etc.., As I wrote, in Prague, I miss the French bakery, such as those in Paris at every corner. Bakeshop is quite similar to this concept. Only prices are higher. But you should treat yourself nicely from time to time.

bunch of croissants

coffee breads in different flavors


Bakeshop has delicious bagels, brownies, cookies, ... well, almost everything. The other day I read in the newspapers Hospodarske noviny that good bagel, which is not colored by caramel, can not be sold for less than CZK 10. On the other hand, Bakeshop has everything so fresh and you can smell the distinctive flavor for miles away. The only problem is that the chairs are not really comfy and it is often occupied. And there are benches in front of the shop. I have no problem with a service, they are attentive, quick and they just do their job. They just should ask if I want my bagel warm and not to toast it immediately.

salads, chicken .. just a buffet :)


cookies and cupcakes - the oatmeal cookie is amazing!


selection of cakes

daily offer

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