Mar 23, 2014


When I travel somewhere, I enjoy to taste local specialties and I regularly make a list based on Trip Advisor. When you travel to Cornwall in UK, you will be tempted by many restaurants offering fresh seafood, homemade cakes, fish and chips ... St.Ives is very good spot for foodies.

The very first stop was at Seafood Cafe. You must make a reservation at least two days before. It is really one of the top places, even locals love to go there. You choose a fish at the cooler, then side dish and then you just wait. I like that it is possible to compose the entire meal just the way you prefer it. The idea is simple and appealing. Also, you can choose any sauce you want. 

Unfortunately, I got plain potatoes instead of au gratin potatoes which I ordered.. anyway, it was delicious.

I love desserts. I opted for british pudding which was served with typical Cornish creme. Sooooo good!!! You should try british pudding at least once while travelling in the UK.

The elderflower lemonade. I could not get enough. 

Another family member went for the icecream. I like the foodstyling!

Another family member chose crumble - absolute winner! Crispy, smooth, full of apples, hot .. what else to wish for. 

And another tours for food. We rented a car so we had a few stops for a coffee or little snack. 

And of course I could not miss famous scones! I visited the The Tea Room. This tiny café is located by the sea. Really cute café where everything is homemade. I had my first scones in my life and it was a love for the first sight! I had of course Cornish tea with milk. You can try also some cake, sandwich or salad. The atmosphere is charming. The service is very nice and takes care of you. 

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