May 6, 2014


It seems to me that the new restaurants and cafes in Prague are opening every day. It seems impossible to try everything.  Today I tried a new bistro in Vinohrady, Sweet & Pepper DAYS. And my impressions? Cozy little bistro with amazing brownies.

Sweet & Pepper DAYS is located in Vinohrady, a few steps from the Namesti Miru. It's definitely more pleasant visit than at Costa Coffee which is just few steps away. It's a small family bistro with homemade goodies. 

Their specialty are themed weeks such as Italian, French, Mexican etc. Bistro regularly attracts their  customers on Facebook with the offer of current menu. I guess that they opened last year. The space is small, but cozy. Besides, there is a garden which is always a good idea.

You will find homemade desserts and also marmalades, jams and chutneys. Apricot jam seemed more than tempting, and I was seriously considering to sacrifice 159 CZK :). At home I have the very last homemade strawberry jam and I no longer eat those from supermarket (BS full of chemicals). Do you have a tip where to get some good homemade jam? 

The selection of drinks is extensive, but I was sorry that they did not have lime lemonade. So I ordered my coffee. Cappuccino satisfied me, it was without foam bubbles and the ratio was correct. Although I prefer stronger coffee. What impressed me was the homemade brownie with pecan. Full flavor of chocolate, with cherries (I guess?) ... I was in heaven.

homemade .. impossible to resist

also the tables are designed in cozy style

the famous brownie

This bistro is worth a visit. I want to try the burger, looks tempting. The range of goodies includes gluten-free food as well. I support those people who leave their management positions in multi-national companies and find the balls to start their own business. And I will support such people by occasional visits. So good luck!

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