Aug 27, 2014


AvantGarde in a cooperation with Lime&Tonic prepared an amazing brunch. Stylish interior, professional service and excellent food. What else to wish for?

The restaurant is located in Dejvice and it is one of the best fusion restaurant that I have ever visited. There is splendid and elegant design and excellent food. Chef Patrik Havlicek is able to master every kind of cuisine. Brunch is a pleasure for both eyes and taste buds. Me and my friend were in heaven. There was a barbecue, appetizers which looked like piece of art and desserts which were delicious already from the distance.

As a welcome drink, we received champagne. Then, the waiter showed us what to expect. We immediately knew that we will be satisfied. A rich buffet of appetizers (duck breast with orange or pickled mushrooms with tofu), asparagus soup, BBQ (tuna, salmon, shrimp, chicken or steak) and adorable dessert buffet. What can I say, I enjoyed the chocolate cake with cream cheese the most!

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