Sep 4, 2014


As a Czech girl in Brazil, many things have surprised me. Brazilians are quite chaotic people and they do not care about planning. On the other hand, they are very hospitable people. I am here for a few days so far and every day I am shocked by something new. 

1. There are no timetables for public transport 

The bus either comes or not. You can not even see which number of bus stops there. Sometimes you can wait for an hour. Anything around 15 minutes is a success. I live in Prague and I freak out when bus or tram is late for 2 minutes. This is a piece of cake for me.

2. Brazilians hate cats 

Conversely, they love dogs. It is a horror for me. My first host family had 3 dogs, so I moved immediately in the morning. They think about cats that they have various diseases, like asthma, which you can get. Nonsense. If someone wants a cat, they take her on the street. On the other hand, dogs come out quite expensive.

3. Everyone loves the Açai 

Açai is a slender palm tree, whose fruits are strongly purple. It reminds of black currant. One cup costs about 5 dollars and you can put on the top any ingredients - strawberries, banana, Chantilly, which tastes like a whipped cream, various nuts, kiwi and more. At first taste, it tastes like ground, but then everyone will love it. 

4. Distances are so large in Brazil that Brazilians travel rarely

Actually, I was surprised. When I was asking which places I should visit, people had no personal opinion from their experience. Basically everyone visited Rio de Janeiro and surroundings of their town, but that is all. Brazil is the size of Europe and the flights come out quite expensive.

5. Brazilian women wear really a tiny swimsuit 

OK, maybe not so interesting fact, but as I lay on the beach, I feel as a weirdo. Every women has tiny tanga. And no matter what body they have. Perhaps I will go to the store, to look more local.

6. Most Brazilians do not speak English 

A perhaps even in life teach. I do not I bring badly, madly neumět finish. For the moment I begin English lessons, so I wonder how students will be involved.

7. Driving is an adventure

Brazilians are not that familiar with traffic lights, so they drive in the middle of two lanes and our Czech D1 highways is compared to the Brazilian roads straight as a ruler.

8. Prices are disproportionately high 

From their salaries, they need to pay rent, electricity and other charges and they are happy when they have something left. The food here is quite expensive, but meat is cheaper. Clothing is also expensive and an iPhone costs around 30 000 CZK.

9. Brazilians drink coffee only with sugar 

I drink coffee without sugar and I'm a little weird here. My host sister told me that Brazilians love sweet food and therefore they are one of the fattest people in the world. And now even samba will solve it!

10. Brazilians do not understand European healthy lifestyle 

It is not so common to eat every day vegetables or fruit like Europeans do. Salad by far is not a lunch or dinner. On the other hand, it is nice that someone else in the world does not care so much about nutrients, but everything in moderation.

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