Sep 9, 2014


Mangue Seco is a true paradise. It just confirms the reputation of Bahia state which is known for one of the most beautiful beaches. I saw crabs thanks to a little boat and had a ride in a sand car. The.Best.Trip.Ever. Perhaps!

We started in the morning at 6 am from Aracaju (little uncomfortable after 2 hours of sleep) and the journey lasted for an hour. Along the way we met so many cows. Then we waited for the boat, the journey there and back with a stop at the 3 locations was a total of about 60 USD for 4 people. The first stop took my breath away ..

I felt like Robinson Crusoe. We were alone on a island surrounded by only sea and sand. Total peace. 

The second stop was different. Palm trees, sea restaurant, many trees around. I could be there for the entire day!

The crabs were amazing! I have never seen something like that. Crabs are quite popular among Brazilians. When you are on a beach, there are many holes in the sand - from them!

This was the last stop. The cherry on the top. We saw beach house where it much be a paradise to live. Just palm trees and sea around, nothing else. A fresh coconut for a breakfast .. Really calm environment compared to nowadays world. In the next article, you can look forward to sand cars! 

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