Sep 12, 2014


Once we got to Mangue Seco, we immediately borrowed sand cars. I did not know how the whole trip will take my breath away. It looked like on the Sahara, only sand around, just here and there a palm tree and at the end of the journey the sea.

The sand car is for 4 people, each paid 10 EURO, which is great price for such a fun. The experience is surreal. Along the way we met a horse, my stomach was experiencing turbulence on the hills and views were unforgettable. We were lucky, the weather was beautiful.

In the middle of nowhere, just palms around. Total peace.

I sat in the car at the top, which meant the highest adrenalin. I really enjoyed it! Actually, the ride brought me some adrenaline. You are going up and down, the car is shaking and you are just holding your seat and hoping not to fall down! 

This beauty is too good to be true. We all were thinking about leaving our lives behind and start to live in the middle of nowhere. There is total peace, no stress, just sand, beaches and sea. Who would resist it? 

We jumped into the sand. The sea and beach houses were just in front of us.Mangue Seco is one of the most beautiful places I have ever visited.

This is typical postcard picture. Two palm trees, sea in the back, pure paradise. And flip flops Havaianas is necessary equipment in Brazil, I have bought them right after a few days here because I had feet full of blisters.

We drank a coconut water on a beach! What could be possibly better than that?! 

And this is the most cool school bus ever. Going to school would be much easier, just take a boat in the morning and return in the afternoon and relax under a palm tree.

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