Feb 18, 2015


I was deciding whether or not I should leave Rio and go out there and see something else. My hostel offered some packages and I finally decided to go to Ilha Grande. My Brazilian friends told me that it is even better than Mangue Seco. Well, I was a bit sceptical, still Mango Seco was maybe the best thing I have ever seen! 

We were leaving at 7 in the morning which was too early for me. And I was partying the previous evening so the last thing I wanted was to get up and pretend to a functional human. 

A mini van picked me up and we were a group of people from different hostels in Rio. There were mainly Brazilians but also one Canadian girl who became my buddy. The ride was long, about 3 hours, but we finally arrived! 

We went on a boat and the pretty amazing trip begun. Along the way, we saw soooo many beautiful and small islands! Those houses there! Again, I wished to live there. In the middle of nowhere surrounded by the sea. 

The first stop was little island. There were many trees, tiny beach, music, sooo many people but it felt like a paradise. 

God knows what this strange fruit is! Is it even fruit?

Yep, these were our ships. 

The next stop was another island. There was an option of scuba diving. However, even the journey itself was totally worth it. 

And this was our last stop. Slightly bigger island with a restaurant. So we finally had our lunch! I did not want to take a photo of my huge plate but I ate meat, beans, rice - nice Brazilian lunch. And fruit of course! 

The entire trip finished at 6 in the evening. It was a good choice to leave the city for a day. And was it better than Mangue Seco? Well, I do not think so. I loved the peace there and Ilha Grande is way more touristic. It was even overcrowded sometimes. Although it is worth seeing. 

And one nice favela in the end! 

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