Mar 18, 2015


Prague is the heart of Europe. And it is well-deserved honor. Not only it is a vibrant city, there is also great history. You can spend in Prague two weeks and you will not get bored. 


Big cities should have parks in my opinion. As much as I love the jungle of cities, I often feel like I need some escape. Parks are a great option since you do not need to travel for hours to get somewhere. These are some of the most favorite parks in Prague.

Stromovka. A little far away from the center, but the park is huge. You can see dog walkers, people having a picnic or just chilling out. You can  rent a bike or rollerblades and have a stroll around.
Vitkov Park. Located in Prague 3 and you find there some historical monuments also, such as the statue of Zizka. 
Divoka Sarka. This park is at Dejvice and I used to go there with my friend quite often. There are great views from the hill!
Havlickovy Sady. I would say that this is the best park in the center. It is close to Namesti Miru and it is just beautiful. There is nothing better than to sit at the café during hot months and relax.
Riegrovy sady. This park is also close to the center, specifically at Muzeum. Great for running or chilling out with a friend. A nice bonus is that there are lots of great restaurants nearby so you can stop by and eat something delishious. My secret place is the Tavern which is a burger place with an international atmosphere.


Prague Castle. Come on. Number 1 on your bucket list! 
The Charles Bridge. Oldie but a goodie. Overcrowded and essential. 
Zlata ulicka. Located close to the Castle, it is a charming tiny street. It means golden street. 
St.Vitus Cathedral. The most iconis cathedral in Prague. It is breath-taking.
Gardens of the Prague Castle. Most stunning during spring when flowers are just waking up. 
Zofin. It is located at the island and it has also a restaurant. It offers a nice view on the river.
Narodni theatre. Buy a ticket to a ballet and have a memorable evening!
Petrinska rozhledna. A place for all love birds. And not only them. There is a tower and rose garden. As well as some other attractions as those miracle mirrors that make you look totally hideous.
The Old Town Square. What to say. Simply a must. This is where you find the famous clock.
The tiniest street. Located at the Charles bridge, specifically at U lužického semináře 100/24. Incredibly tiny that there have to be lights to monitor the "trafic"!
The Wenceslas square. The city center in its best form. I do not think you would forget about it tho!
... and much more


Oh well, Prague has so many tiny streets. You find the majority of them in the city center, around Staromestske square. The Old Town offers some amazing treasures. Or Kampa! Man, this is my favorite during the summer. You can buy a drink and walk around. There is Vltava river and the view is the best ever! The Charles bridge, the National Theatre or Slovansky island. Also, there are some open air concerts during the summer. 


Yes, that is absolutely right. Prague has some wonderful jazz scene. So, if you are a fan, check out the upcoming jazz events! You can find a lot of concerts, even festivals. I recommend JazzDock and Unijazz. 


Czech cuisine has developed a lot during the past few years. There was a slowdown during the communism but at the moment, it seems like it goes up again. We have some traditional recipes such as svickova (meet, dumplings and creamy sauce). If you would ask me for a recommendation to one restaurant, it would be Lokal. It belongs to Ambiente chain of restaurants and they give you high quality food for a great price. Another safe place to visit is Vinohradsky Parlament or Potrefena Husa. It is the same chain and I have never been disappointed there. A huge plus are their lunch offers.


Czechs have the highest consumption of beer in the entire world. Well done. I do not drink beer so I cannot give you a real personal recommendation, but they say that we have the best beer in the world also. You find in Prague lots of beer pubs with all kinds of beer. As mentioned above, Potrefena Husa restaurant has really good beer. 


Antikvariats have a special place in Prague. You find so many of them! I love just to go there and look at old books. This is a paradise for lovers of old books with a history. Yes, new books smell great but there is something about old ones. So charming.


Besides beer, I am totally sure that Czechs know how to make a bread. You gotta try it out! Forget about American sweet breads, this is a REAL bread. Buy it either at farmers markets or at some old school bakery. My tip is Antonin bakery at Jiriho z Podebrad. The most traditional option is hostivarsky chleba (this kind). 


If you are a hipster, you have no choice but to go there. However, if you are just an ordinary person, do not hesitate. There is a park and many cool cafés. For hipsters. And you.


Vltava river means a lot of fun during the summer. Besides Naplavka which is a wonderful place to chill out, you can rent a small boat. I have done it with my friend and it was the most relaxing thing to do ever.

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