Apr 10, 2015

Exploring Washington state | Tulip Fields

I love cities. I am a city girl. However, the more I love them, the more I want an escape. For me, it is a nature. So three Czechs girls took the car and drove to tulip fields at Mt. Vernon. Even though I don't melt when I see a flower, the view was spectacular. 

Pacific North West is well-known for splendid hikes. The latest travel movie Wild is a little reminder of that. I am planning a hike for sure but for now, we went on a shorter trip, basically a lazy one, but the goal was clear. To see tulip fields.

We left Seattle in the morning. There was a traffic so it took us twice as much to get there. We made it and because we were so hungry, we just wanted to eat. I didn't dare to photograph our awesome lunch since it was just a hot dog. Well, screw the sausage. The bun was so American! Which means sweet. Oh man, sweet bread or bun is the worst thing ever. And the mustard was yellow just like these tulips below. 

We met another Czech girl there and we were just walking and talking. And taking pictures. Tulip's season is almost over so make sure to check it out rather sooner than later. And the view. This is the best part. You see everywhere mountains and forest. Seriously, PNW has a lot to offer! 

I am planning even more trips around Seattle. Pretty soon I am going to Vancouver and hoping to visit Oregon again. If you have any suggestions on what I shouldn't miss in Washington, let me know. Can't wait to explore the nature. 

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