Apr 7, 2015

Out and about | Seattle & Capitol Hill

Saturday spent in a city, Sunday spent in a nature. A perfect combination for me. And eating some delicious Mexican food also! Spring is finally in the air so let's put worries behind us and enjoy these days.

I was dying to see Capitol Hill. After discovering the Pike Place Market, I was recommended to have a stroll in that area. I met the girls at Pine street & 4th Ave and we went up the hill.. to Capitol Hill. We stopped by at unique Starbucks Roastery. Oh boy, the place was incredible! Huge, beautiful interior and those original products. Even the cup is different from the usual Starbucks white cup with green logo. 

Afterwards, we arrived to Capitol Hill. To be honest, it might be better during the night. The area is well-known for a night life. During a day, you find all types of weirdos and homeless people. Anyway, the atmosphere is free and authentic. And our lunch.. no complaints. The restaurant is called Barrio and although I am not that into Mexican food, burritos were worth it. And the interior was really stylish. Just the way I like it.

Cool thing about the area are those vintage and thematic shops. If you enjoy vinyl records, prepare for a serious overload. If anything in the world has a soul, this is it. And we found Janacek's record! Czechs are a small nation, but you can find us everywhere.

You gotta love being an expat. For me, it is the best feeling to walk in new streets and getting to know different places. This is what gives me an energy and sparkles in the eyes. 

As you know, walking all day long is exhausting so we needed to refill our energy. We passed a promising tiny and cute cafe Cupcakes Royale. After that red velvet cupcake at Magnolia Bakery I was a bit skeptical. Can't be sweet like hell again, please. I finally ordered a chocolate cupcake (because you can never be wrong with chocolate) and it was way better. My friend got tiramisu one. Luckily, I was quite satisfied. Cupcakes weren't dry, however the cream was not so amazing. I really could eat cakes all day, every day, but I just don't like these American sweets. I feel like it has a lot of sugar and often it tastes like plastic. I would love to discover some nice cafe with homemade cakes, cupcakes and whatever so I will keep looking for it. What I do enjoy on the other side is food styling. Americans know how to decorate!

I guess that Capitol Hill what I was expecting the area to be. Anyway, I still need to visit it during the night and try their night scene. Overall, I am falling in love with Seattle. People are friendly, there are plenty of great restaurants and this all is a good change. 

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