Apr 4, 2015


Exploring new cities is one of the most amazing things to do. And since I am settled in Seattle now (what a lame phrase), I was looking forward to my first weekend in downtown. And I gotta tell you, I felt in love with the city and the atmosphere!

We started at Pike Place market which is the signature part of the city. Perhaps the main reason why people go there is to see the original Starbucks. And yes, that Starbucks is a huge tourist attraction. Overcrowded and no chairs. Anyway, I love markets so I was in a heaven. 

Here it is. The first Starbucks ever. And you haven't seen the entire queue. Maybe some day I will visit the cafe inside but let's save it for later.

You can see so many different flowers in Seattle. I would buy a bouquet right away. There are so many things on the market. Of course, fresh fishes since Seattle is a great place for Seattle. And vegetable, fruit, pastries and so on. What a heaven.

Now from an elephant garlic to the Space Needle. A true symbol of Seattle. I didn't go up yet but even from the street it's pretty amazing. And there is a great park behind it so perfect for lazy afternoon. 

With my Mexican girl Angie! It was a little hard to get a selfie with the Space Needle but I guess that we made it - so so. And what comes next? Food! The Cheesecake Factory is a safe place to go. The burger was juicy, yummy, really couldn't complain. And cheesecakes.. oh man! Speaking about hard life choices. This is one of them. Finally, I have decided for a traditional one with strawberries. Other experiments such as Oreo cheesecake can wait. It won't be long until my next visit anyway. 

And this disgusting miracle at the end. The Gum Wall. Well, in Prague, we have the John Lennon wall. When I compare it to this wall, it is rather a decent one. People in Seattle are weirdos a little, so there was one guy and he just took a gum from the wall. Disgusting if you ask me. Anyway, here it is. Pure art. In its sweetest version. 

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